Average Certified Public Accountant CPA Salary: Compensation Guide

public accountant salary vs cpa

Given that they take on a higher level of responsibilities, CPAs are generally on the higher end of this salary range. CPAs may have more flexibility than their peers given the cyclical nature of their jobs (i.e., some times of the year are busier than others), according to the American Institute of CPAs. They are generally more educated than their peers due to the stringent requirements of the CPA designation. An important difference between an average accountant and a CPA is that only the latter can write up an audited financial statement.

How Are Public Accounting Salaries Stacking Up For 2023? (Part 4, Hays U.S.) – Going Concern

How Are Public Accounting Salaries Stacking Up For 2023? (Part 4, Hays U.S.).

Posted: Fri, 09 Dec 2022 18:24:37 GMT [source]

Prepare tax returns, schedules, and forms, ensuring that they’re filed in a timely manner and that all taxes due are paid on time. Review financial statements for accuracy, as well as systems and procedures for efficiency.

Salary by Location

Some of the top paid CPAs work for the federal government, while most accounting professionals work in general accounting, tax preparation, bookkeeping, and payroll services. The following sortable table provides data on accounting salaries by state as well as the rate of job growth and the cost of living as it relates to the ratio of the average salary/median home list price. The best states for accountants are weighted by the percentage the average salary cpa vs accountant buys of the median list price for homes in a given state and the projected job growth. This data can provide insight on whether accounting job growth and salary potential justify the costs of attending a master’s in accounting program. CPAs are uniquely qualified to work in public accounting firms, which serve multiple clients across industries. These clients may be companies, governments or individuals, depending on the size and type of accounting firm.

These benefits of becoming a CPA clearly indicate that getting your CPA credential is one of the best career decisions you can make as an accountant or accounting student. Your salary package will vary depending on the type of accounting you choose, the field or industry you work in, your location, and your experience level. By choosing wisely for yourself, you can enjoy a satisfying and prosperous career as a CPA. Another credential that can kickstart students’ careers is the Enrolled Agent certification.

CPA Salary Guide: How Much Can You Earn?

A bookkeeper is the simplest entry-level position for a CPA hopeful. The industry an accountant works in can impact salary and earning potential, day-to-day job duties, and any opportunities for upward mobility.

  • Enrolled Agents work in tax and can work with clients on tax issues across any state in the United States, unlike CPAs.
  • CPA’s may often perform audits, advise on taxation matters, investigate fraud, and/or conduct business valuations.
  • For an accounting professional, having a CPA license offers numerous benefits.
  • UWorld Roger CPA Review provides CPA candidates with all the study materials and resources needed to prepare and successfully pass the US Uniform CPA Exam online.
  • To a potential employer, it means high ethical standards, valuable experience, a superior education and crazy good skills.
  • For those businesses are just getting started and have less history.

A shortage of talent in a particular area may lead to employers offering higher salaries. You may also be in a strong bargaining position if you have a specific skill that the employer is looking for. However, there is an increasing number of job opportunities in the banking and financial services sector. PwC, EY, and KPMG also pay CPAs who have recently passed the CPA exam approximately the same amount.

Resources for Your Growing Business

What your skills are worth in the job market is constantly changing. Based on 292 responses, the job of Certified Public Accountant has received a job satisfaction rating of 4.04 out of 5. On average, Certified Public Accountant s are highly satisfied with their job. However, many CPA holders obtain additional credentials that indicate expertise in certain specialized areas of Accounting. It’s also important to note that not all accountants and CPAs perform all of the duties listed above.

public accountant salary vs cpa

This disparity between supply and demand has resulted in accounting departments and CPA firms struggling to find qualified talent. There are a few tasks that CPAs can do that non-CPA accountants cannot. Only a CPA can prepare an audited financial statement or reviewed financial statement and file reports with the Securities and Exchange Committee . CPAs can also represent clients in front of the IRS during a tax audit—something that Enrolled Agents and tax attorneys can do as well.

Some serve as chief financial officers for Fortune 500 companies; others work for the government or private accounting firms, while still others serve clients in private practice. A certified public accountant is an individual with an accounting degree who has passed a rigorous exam to earn the specialty designation. The average earnings of a first-year CPA were reported to be ​$66,000​ in a survey conducted by the Association of International Certified Professional Accountants . Once you pass the CPA exam there are many career options to choose from. Some CPAs seek the prestige of working for aBig Four accounting firmsuch as Ernst & Young or PwC, while others may choose to work for a mid-sized or small firm. Here’s a break down of average public accounting salaries at each firm size. Demand is on the rise for talented accounting and finance professionals.

In most states, you can sit for the CPA Exam after completing just 120 credit hours, or a bachelor’s degree. Even if you’re in the midst of gaining the CPA credential, employers will know that you are serious about pursuing a career in accounting.

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